What do you need?

Our team can assist you in the following areas:

inmobiliariaReal Estate

With extensive experience in the sector, advise you in finding the property that you or your business needs. Also, will manage the sales contract or lease to your needs, adapting the building to the rules if necessary.

juridico Legal

We represent the client in private proceedings, arbitration or judicial.

Advise and handle private customer records in their relations with government and private.

Advise the Residents' Associations in the field of Administration Fincas(Statutes, agreements, together, keeping of accounts, etc.)

empresa Consulting Company

We tax advice, labor and accounting in the initiation and establishment, well as in the development and completion or termination of economic activities of individuals or legal persons customers: organizational structures, censuses, records, frames in relevant regimes, rates, taxation, engagement, pay stubs, Quote, etc.